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Create additional income with your screens

Monetize your screens by inserting ad codes into your presentations.

DOOHDA rewards you up to 80% of the amount collected for each valid view on your screens in PPV and 90% in Sponsored.

Our system ensures that the most profitable ads will have priority on your screens, giving you as much revenue as possible at any given time.

Your ad codes are available from your account, in the form of html or javascript specifically designed to fit your system. All you have to do is insert them into your presentations using your digital signage editor. Our codes are 100% compatible with many systems:

  • Samsung Smart Signage with Magic info Express or Server
  • LG with Supersign
  • Philips with Smart CMS

    But also with many media players: Bright Sign, Onelan, Spinetix, etc.

    From the horizontal or vertical banner to the full screen (1920/1080), the pixel formats offered to advertisers are adapted to the standards proposed by digital signage publishers like Samsung Magic info, so they will adapt perfectly to your presentations.

    Present your business to advertisers on MARKETPLACE with information about your screens as well as quotations for exclusive displays (sponsored).

    During the contract waiting period, sponsored ad codes can be customized to display either default content or PPV mode.

    All content is validated by DOOHDA for ethical norms, but editors can also validate their content individually.

    • Your screens generate revenue

    • Insert your adcodes

    • Promote yourself on MARKETPLACE

    Track your performance and earnings using advanced reports provided by our system for time period and ad code.

    These reports also provide statistics of views and help you identify your best advertising codes.

    DOOHDA offers several payment options to withdraw your earnings from your account. You can request fast and secure transfers via Paypal or direct transfers to your bank account, as soon as your balance reaches the minimum level for payment.

    You can also transfer funds from your publisher account to your advertiser account. The history of all your transactions is accessible at any time from your account.

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